Reset! Toolbox

Reset! is designed and built as a “European laboratory for cultural and social innovation” with the aim of empowering its members on key contemporary issues. In order to develop this capacity-building approach, Reset! is launching its toolbox program.

From October 2023, online sessions and pedagogic content are offered to the Reset! members as part of the toolbox program.  These relevant and concrete resources have been created to help the Reset! members to reinforce their model and access on-going knowledge- sharing sessions.

Toolbox Format

One topic per month:

2x2 hours = 4 hours of online session where the expert will share his/her knowledge during an open discussion. In order to help the toolbox speaker, a survey will be sent in advance to all the Reset! members in order to identify the main concerns and the level of knowledge on the topic chosen to be developed during the online session.

Toolboxes are held on Reset! Discord channel.


— A short-video media format providing key information and teasing the toolbox
— A podcast series to go into detail in 3 different aspects of the topics


→ European funding programs, by Ludovica Michelin.

→ Ecological practices for the independent cultural and media organisations, by The Shift Project

→ Strengthening business model in the independent cultural sector, hosted by Collectif

→ LGBTQ+ Advocacy and Allyship in the Arts, hosted by Come Play With Me