Reset! Releases Five Concrete Policy Proposals to Defend Independence in Europe


A week prior to what could be an electoral turning point for the continent, the Reset! network releases five proposals, all inspired by the productions and questions raised by the members of the network, and structured through an intensive work process of analysis, meetings, and synthesis along with multiple partners.




Last month, Reset! published its Atlas of Independent Culture and Media, a developed and expanded version of the extensive editorial work carried out through two years of work embodied in the organisation of 64 workshops across the continent and a significant documentation effort compiled into articles, interviews, and newsletters.


Recognising the power of collective action, the Reset! network encourages its member organisations to join forces together with actors outside the scene, notably public institutions (cities and universities) in the pursuit of a shared vision for a broader transformation. By fostering inclusive dialogues and collaborations, the network aims to create a collective consciousness that transcends borders and cultural differences to better work towards strengthening independence and its roots.

-Under Reset! Vision, Atlas of Independent Culture and Media





Discover Reset!'s 5 policy proposals to lay the foundations for a fairer, more compassionate, and sustainable European independent sector:









Strengthening Collaborative Alliances: Cities and Independent Cultural & Media Entities Across Europe


Observatory on Threats to Independence: Safeguarding Independence in the European Cultural and Media Sectors

Empowering Voices: A Call for Recognition and Support for Independent Community Radios






Driving Europe's Cultural Future: A Call for Ethical Digital Transformation in Creative Europe

Sustaining Creativity: Enhancing and Adapting the Culture Moves Europe Grant for Inclusive Cultural Mobility and Improved Working Conditions



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