Reset! governance is designed to respect principles of diversity and equality, both in terms of geographical representation and sectors covered. The executive committee undergoes annual renewal to guarantee optimal representation and inclusion of the network's members in the governance structure.

The General Assembly

Composed by all members of the network, validates the decisions made by the Executive Committee and gathers once a year.

The assembly is composed of 3 governing bodies: 

-the organisations

-the local public institutions

-the supporting structures

The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is elected yearly by the network's members. It is currently composed by 11 members of the network (balanced by genres, countries and type of structures) including the founder and coordinator of the network (Arty Farty). It supervises and approves the development strategy, the editorial content and the general organisation of the network. Its roadmap is designed by the General Assembly.

The current Executive Committee is composed of:
Peter Bokor (Lahmacun Radio, MMN — Hungary)
Zsófia Borsi (Lazy Women — Hungary)
Daoud Ghalimi (Bandswith — Belgium)
Damir Ivic (Soundwall — Italy)
Branislav Jovančević (Drugstore — Serbia)
Anastasia Lemberg-Lvova (De Structura — Estonia)
Samantha Lippett (Palanga Street Radio — Lithuania)
Boris Pierre (Réflexivité(s) — France)
Natalia San Juan (Femnoise — Spain)
Georgia Taglietti (Reset! coordination team)
Laurent Bigarella (Reset! coordination team)