Reset! Live Podcast


In 2024, Reset! is heading to Brussels, returning to the network’s origins, at the Reset venue. Dedicated to championing independent cultural and media organisations throughout Europe, Reset! will delve into the challenges faced by independent cultural and media organisations across the continent through a series of open recorded discussions.


With the European elections on the horizon, this live podcast cycle seeks to highlight the significance of independence within the cultural sector. Following the different exchanges, a series of podcasts will be released on the Reset! website and the We are Europe media platform. These audio resources will be accessible to everyone and can be freely shared with any online community radio.


Reset! Live Podcast #4: Independent Voices Face High Ownership Concentration: Mapping the Cultural Landscape

June 26 · 19:00



Sébastien Desprez (Magma | BE)
Erica Pender Romero (Live DMA & Rocknrolla Producciones | ES)
Moderation: Mateo Vigné (Journalist | BE)


Less documented than in the media landscape, the trend of concentration in the cultural sector is equally concerning. In 2023, this predatory behavior is evident in several areas. This is the case in the festival sector, with five major industrial groups having capital interests in approximately 150 festivals according to a study by Matthieu Barreira and Emmanuel Négrier published in the Nectart journal in 2022; in the publishing domain where "concentration has never been so significant" according to historian Jean-Yves Mollier; within the film industry, where concentration "leads to a shift in power dynamics in favor, on one hand, of these large distribution companies and, on the other hand, of large exploitation companies." This phenomenon leads to similar effects in these sectors: standardization of creation, artistic homogenization, reduction of emergence, diversity, and pluralism. Faced with this trend, it is urgent to invent alternatives, based on cooperation models instead of competition.