Reset! Atlas of Independent Culture and Media


The main purpose of the Reset! Network is to work together to redesign (reset) the cultural and media landscape in Europe, by giving its members, resource hubs, as well as local authorities willing to support the movement and serve as testing grounds for new practices, a platform to get better acquainted, enter into dialogue, work, and act together from Budapest to Lisbon, from Kyiv to Prishtina, from Amsterdam to Naples. Building on this objective, the first part of Reset!’s Atlas of Independent Culture and Media is built collectively around 8 topics.



Reset! presents its Atlas of Independent Culture and Media, a developed and expanded version of the extensive editorial work carried out through two years of work embodied in the organisation of 64 workshops across the continent and a significant documentation effort compiled into articles, interviews, and newsletters. The body of work is intended as a sensitive cartography of independent realities in Europe. Divided into two parts, it aims both to explore specific situations across the continent in a collection of articles, interviews, and varied portraits divided in 8 topic-based volumes (Part 1), and to argue for improvements and developments in the funding systems and in the recognition processes of independent cultural and media structures on a European scale (Part 2).


The volumes of the atlas have been produced on the basis of and around the productions and questions raised by the members of the network, and have been structured through an extensive work of curation and commissioning of editorial and iconographic productions and features, with a total of 110 contributors.


“A few months away from a high-risk European election, and in a context where it is in serious danger of disappearing from the programme’s priorities, the Reset! network and its members will take it upon themselves to highlight the essential role of culture, the media, their independent ecosystems, and their artistic and editorial integrity,”  Vincent Carry, Arty Farty’s Managing Director






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