hely[i] is a simple directory of non-profit, independent* art galleries, artist-run and off-spaces in Hungary. It aims to support these places and serve as a guide for those who would like to discover contemporary art through the eyes of young, emerging artists without a need to compromise with large institutions often tied to the government or directly influenced by market interests and the pressure of profitability.
hely[i] was started in 2022 and is maintained by Bettina Bence (curator, museum educator) and Barnabás Bácsi (intermedia artist, web developer). Our concept was heavily inspired by Independent Space Index in Vienna.

*Defining independence and positioning certain galleries and platforms on its spectrum is not easy (taking both their financing forms and programmes into account), so hely[i]'s list is inevitably imperfect, fluid and somewhat subjective too, and it may include places that accept support from their districts or the city that we however consider to have an important role in helping upcoming artists and distributing contemporary art with a non-profit and critical mode of operation.

Budapest, Hungary
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