Fundación Uxío Novoneyra

The legacy of Uxío Novoneyra goes beyond his own literature, which was always the heart of a commitment to culture and humanity that extended throughout his entire life.

Through an avant-garde poetic style, always linked to the natural environment of Courel and to the language and people that embraced him, Novoneyra championed the just causes of the world and became an inspiration.

The words of the Real Academia Galega in the year he was dedicated the Día das Letras Galegas (2010) are a good epitome of the wide-ranging scope of his figure: "an excellent poet, Galician advocate, and profoundly democratic, rooted in the people and in popular poetry."

On the strength of the memory, words, and thoughts of Uxío Novoneyra, a Galician poet of total dedication, this Foundation is built to work towards a fairer, freer, and more solidarity-driven future from the local community with global awareness.
Lugo, Galicia
Art collective
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