Reset! network brings together
85 members from 25 countries
representing a large range of
diverse cultural and media organisations committed to
supporting independence,
freedom of expression, diversity, inclusion, and sustainable




  • Category 1: Independent cultural and media actors (Regular members)
  • Category 2: Local public institutions
  • Category 3: Supporting structures, think tanks and experts on key contemporary issues




For Category 1 members (Independent cultural and media actor)



  • Organisation with legal entity status (association, NGO, cooperatives, private enterprise).


  • Core activities developed dedicated to the media and cultural sector (including any form of artistic expression: architecture, cultural heritage, design, fashion design, literature, music, performing arts, or visual arts)


  • Independence from private corporations or larger consortiums (not be owned by another organisation).
  • Independence from public authorities, ensuring no direct control by local, regional, or national bodies (not under tutelage).


  • Alignment with the Reset! values, as outlined in the network’s manifesto and the 2021 application sent to the  European Commission: “The purpose of the network is to work together to redesign (reset) the cultural and media landscape in Europe and beyond around the shared values of pluralism, diversity, equality and sustainability, in an inclusive and circular economy.”




  1.   Apply through the Reset! website to become a member of the network by filling in the form with your organisation activities and values, motivation of joining the network, and applicability of the membership criteria.

  2. A first introductory call with the Reset! coordination team will take place to present the Reset! network, its values, and activities, ensuring a full comprehension of what the Reset! network is and the meaning of becoming a member.

  3. Each new application will undergo the validation of the current Reset! members based in the applicant’s country.

             → The Reset! coordination team is responsible for contacting members to secure this initial approval.

  1.   The executive committee will meet (online) each month to review the applications, rejecting or accepting them based on the membership criteria. The decision to approve a new member integration requires a  majority vote (at least 6 votes in the Reset! current executive committee 2023-2024).

  2. Selected applicants will receive a confirmation email welcoming them to the network.