Sister Midnight

Sister Midnight is a not-for-profit co-operative organisation based in south east London. Since 2021, they've been campaigning to create Lewisham's first community owned music venue, bringing a much needed cultural community hub to the local area.
At the core of Sister Midnight's work is the understanding of the sociopolitical power music holds. Music can unite and create communities, it helps us understand our identity and relate to the world around us, and it can act as a driver of social change. They believe that a grassroots music venue, like the one they want to create, can have a transformational impact at a local and city-wide level, providing creative opportunities for all, increasing participation and access to live music, and fostering a sense of belonging and pride for their community.

Creating a great local music venue is a collective community effort, so it makes complete sense to put power into the hands of the community by structuring as a Community Benefit Society, meaning venues will be owned and democratically run by members.
London, United Kingdom
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